Driveway 300mm

Driveway Exit and Parking Assist
Viewing Distance 2 Metres
3 Year Guarantee
£44 ex. VAT
£52.80 inc. VAT

Danger is always present when leaving a driveway if the drivers field of vision is obscured. This mirror is a simple and economical solution when a traffic mirror may not be suitable. Also can be used to assist parking in restricted space.
  •  Unbreakable

  •  Anti-UV treated

  • Lightweight

  • Withstands extreme weather conditions

  • Exceptional image quality

  • 3 year guarantee

Viewing distance - to be effective, the size of the mirror should be adapted to the distance separating the viewer and the mirror.

All mirrors are supplied complete with bolts and brackets kit, ready for installation to either wall or for posts 60 to 90mm in diameter.
Mirror is mounted on an articulated ball joint, with wall or ceiling mounting bracket & bolt kit

Distance between driver and the mirror should be approx 2 metres

Anti-UV treated


Exceptional image quality